Easy To Trust is a digital platform helping corporations to attain greater efficiency and increased profitability, with a clear connection to the sustainable development goals of UN. The platform verifies the regulatory compliance of the organization in a systemized way by connecting the UN Global Goals with the strategic goals of the organization. Easy To Trust provides a secure and stable infrastructure to manage risk and communicate your company’s commitment and performance within compliance, sustainability and profitability.
The UN’s sustainable development goals from 2015, together with new rules and legislation, have increased the need of a robust system for managing compliance, sustainable responsibility and transparency.

In the EU directive 2014/95/EU regarding non-financial and diversity information organizations are requested to prepare a non-financial statement containing information relating to at least - Environmental - Social and employee-related - Respect for human rights, - Anti-corruption and bribery matters. 

The pressure to show a trustworthy socially responsible approach throughout the value chain calls for reliable and transparent reporting.

In a world where corporate social responsibility has become an integral part of any company’s communication to investors, consumers, employees and other stakeholders, the rate of success in this area is quickly becoming increasingly important to build trust.



Easy To Trust provides an IT solution that digitizes business processes and visualizes the monitoring of sustainability efforts, linked to the UN Global Goals and the impact on the company´s profitability as well as producing a sustainability report in accordance with national legislation.

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Today, it is a complex task to work systematically with sustainability linked to profitability. Therefore, Easy To Trust offers more than a tool. We offer expertise and a great commitment in sustainability, finance and risk management. We help you all the way to a climate smart and more profitable company.

Mari Hellblom